The bar exam is a critical final hurdle that will determine whether you will obtain your license to practice law and become a full member of the legal profession. The bar exam preparation and test-taking process is such an all-consuming and emotionally, intellectually, and physically taxing experience on so many levels that it is often described as a “marathon” and a “rite of passage.”

You, like many bar exam candidates, may have a debilitating fear of failure and not be fully aware of everything that is required to successfully tackle this challenging and character-building endeavor ahead. This can stifle you and cause you to fail an exam that you are otherwise capable of passing.

Unlike conventional bar preparation books that discuss black letter law, test-taking strategies, or examples of specific questions you will face, this book is different. It provides a compilation of essays detailing real-life experiences, as well as giving sound practical advice from lawyers, judges, law professors, law school administrators, and deans from across the country (most are minorities and/or first-generation attorneys).

Evangeline M. Mitchell,

Esq., Ed.M.


Founder, The Nation Black Pre-Law

Conference and Law Fair

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  • Through reading about their personal journeys, you will not only learn about what they went through and what worked for them in preparing for and taking the bar, but they will also expose their own worries, fears, demons, and even failures, which they defeated in order to realize their dreams of becoming lawyers. You will better understand that they were once where you are now – and successfully passed the bar. They want you to know that if they did it, you too can conquer the bar exam.


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The insight shared in this book will show you that discipline, sacrifice, hard work, and persistence is required of every bar taker. At the same time, it is crucial to have a solid support system, maintain self-confidence and a positive attitude, place faith in your spiritual beliefs, commit yourself wholeheartedly to relentlessly doing whatever is necessary to pass, and follow your own rigid schedule and individual plan for serious preparation based on methods proven to work, as well as what works best for you. This will ensure that you will ultimately find success in overcoming this unavoidable and seemingly insurmountable obstacle to becoming an official “attorney and counselor at law.”